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Reall began working in Mozambique in 2017, in partnership with the newly created Casa Real.

Despite the rapid growth of the country’s cities, prior to Reall entering the market, the cheapest available house available from a private developer cost $55,000, affordable to only 1% of the population. Additionally, it is estimated that the equivalent of 2.5 million families, or 60% of the Mozambican population, live in substandard housing. Only 600 mortgages currently exist throughout all of Mozambique, and in 2016 only four mortgages were approved across the whole nation.

With Reall finance and technical support, Casa Real has completed an initial 10-home pilot in the port city of Beira. However, Casa Real’s biggest success so far has been in engagement with banks. Casa Real have signed an agreement with ABSA banks to provide mortgages to Casa Real clients, reducing the minimum income requirement from US$690 per month to just one-third of this amount.

Shortly after completion of the homes, Beira was hit by Cyclone Idai, one of the worst tropical cyclones on record. Despite the vast majority of buildings in Beira sustaining heavy damage or destruction, damage to Casa Real’s homes was minimal, with only the roofing sheets needing repair.

Jobs Created 406
Number of Projects 2
Avg. Basic Home Completion Cost (Last 5 Years) $ 8,829
Total Invested $ 935,602

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Mozambique Project Finances

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Investments — Reall to Affordable Housing Partners

Total Project Investments
MZN 59,129,906
$ 935,602
MZN 59,129,906
$ 935,602

Based on exchange rate on 31/10/2021

Market Shaping Indicators: Key Indicators

The lack of market intelligence and data is a key constraint undermining private sector participation and good policy engagement in affordable housing.

A joint initiative of the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF) and Reall, the MSIs aim to bridge this gap by making key market data available to all that need it.

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1. Land & Infrastructure

% of urban bottom 40 households without access to basic sanitation services


Bottom 40 See all MSI countries
Country Year Data Source Value
Cote d'Ivoire 2012 DHS 96.5%
Ghana 2014 DHS 93.15%
Kenya 2014 DHS 88.25%
Morocco 2004 DHS 52.05%
Mozambique 2011 DHS 95.6%
Nigeria 2018 DHS 83.1%
Tanzania 2017 DHS 37%
Uganda 2016 DHS 94.5%
Rwanda 2016 National Institute of Statistics Rwanda (NISR) 13.13%
Pakistan 2018 The DHS Program 2.75%
India 2018 NSSO 76th Round 0.2%

2. Construction & Investment

% of urban population living in slums, informal settlements, or inadequate dwellings

Country Year Data Source Value
Cote d'Ivoire N/A
Ghana N/A
Kenya N/A
Morocco N/A
Mozambique N/A
Nigeria N/A
Tanzania N/A
Uganda N/A
Rwanda 2018 World Bank 42.1%
Pakistan N/A
India 2018 NSSO 76th Round 35%

3. Sales & Rental

Price of the cheapest, newly built dwelling by a formal developer or contractor

3,418,491 MZ$48,147.76

Urban See all MSI countries
Country Year Data Source Value
Cote d'Ivoire 2018 Site d'annonce et promotion dans l'immobilier en Côte d'Ivoire 15,500,000 CFA$27,087.48
Ghana 2019 Damax Construction Co. Ltd 108,704 GH₵$19,621.66
Kenya 2019 Tsavo Real Estate 4,000,000 Ksh$37,037.04
Morocco 2019 Various real estate websites 250,000 DH$27,027.03
Mozambique 2016 Casa Minha 3,418,491 MZ$48,147.76
Nigeria 2019 Millard Fuller Foundation; Shelter Origins 2,900,000 NGN$7,651.72
Tanzania 2018 CAHF 37,966,107 TZS$16,508.58
Uganda 2019 Various property developers 125,000,000 UGX$34,097.11
Rwanda 2020 Marchal Real Estate Developers 10,000,000 R₣$11,119.14
Pakistan 2021 Partners 2,500,000 PKR$14,305.33
India 2022 Real estate websites and industry experts 160,000 IN₹$2,176.87

5. Enabling Environment

Ease of Doing Business Index Rank: Global


National See all MSI countries
Country Year Data Source Value
Cote d'Ivoire 2020 World Bank 110
Ghana 2020 World Bank 118
Kenya 2019 World Bank Ease of Doing Business 61
Morocco 2020 World Bank 53
Mozambique 2019 World Bank 74
Nigeria 2020 World Bank 131
Tanzania 2020 World Bank 141
Uganda 2020 World Bank 116
Rwanda 2020 World Bank Ease of Doing Business Indicators 38 out of 190
Pakistan 2020 World Bank Doing Business Indicator 108 out of 190
India 2020 World Bank 63 out of 190

6. Economic Environment

GDP Per Capita

30,772 MZ$433.41

National See all MSI countries
Country Year Data Source Value
Cote d'Ivoire 2018 World Bank 1,024,171 CFA$1,789.82
Ghana 2019 World Bank 11,489 GH₵$2,073.83
Kenya 2018 World Bank 173,272 Ksh$1,604.37
Morocco 2018 World Bank 30,725 DH$3,321.62
Mozambique 2018 World Bank 30,772 MZ$433.41
Nigeria 2018 World Bank 659,159 NGN$1,739.21
Tanzania 2018 National Bureau of Statistics; World Bank 2,297,020 TZS$998.80
Uganda 2018 World Bank 2,357,327 UGX$643.02
Rwanda 2019 World Bank 737,578.59 R₣$820.12
Pakistan 2020 World Bank National Accounts Data 188,900 PKR$1,080.91
India 2020 Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation 151,760 IN₹$2,064.76

7. Demand

Population Size


National See all MSI countries
Country Year Data Source Value
Cote d'Ivoire 2017 World Bank 24,437,469
Ghana 2019 World Bank 30,417,856
Kenya 2017 World Bank 50,221,473
Morocco 2017 World Bank 36,471,769
Mozambique 2018 World Bank 29,495,962
Nigeria 2017 World Bank 190,873,311
Tanzania 2019 World Bank 58,005,463
Uganda 2017 World Bank 41,487,000
Rwanda 2019 World Bank 12,626,950
Pakistan 2020 World Bank National Accounts Data 220,892,331
India 2021 Minsitry of Health and Family Welfare 1,361,343,000

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Data last updated on 30/06/2022