Market interventions

Market interventions

Reall amplifies its impact through strategic market interventions

We blend proof-of-concept and evidence to catalyse genuine systemic change that drives inclusive green growth in emerging markets In Africa and Asia.

We collaborate with key players from across the spectrum of the housing ecosystem at community, regional, national and global levels to address blockages to scale.

Build partners 

We invest in and partner with innovative African and Asian entrepreneurs and housing developers who are committed to proving the commercial and environmental viability of affordable housing for people on low incomes. Our partners have proven track records of delivery and demonstrate significant potential for scale.

Strategic policy change

Working in collaboration with governments, local authorities, municipalities and the private and third sectors, we broker support for the affordable housing agenda.

Through open and evidence-based dialogue we facilitate the introduction of new policies, standards and practices that create the conditions for affordable housing markets to thrive.

Market interventions

Disruptive financial innovation

Our data has conclusively proven that people living on low incomes are highly capable of managing affordable mortgage loans and rent payments. Despite their proven capabilities, financial lenders overwhelmingly exclude them.

We are prompting financial markets to become inclusive of people living on low incomes, collaborating with banks, financial institutions and FinTech innovators to unlock housing finance, developing disruptive financial products that work for this income group.

Open source data and knowledge sharing

Affordable homes are a doorway to opening 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We are building, collating and sharing the data, evidence and analysis to support the establishment of climate smart affordable housing sectors.

We are committed to an open source approach, sharing ideas that can be adapted and adopted around the world, enabling functioning housing markets to be developed at greater speed and scale.

Reall have also launched collaborative new research intelligence, developed with the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF) and 71point4, which pioneers a set of ground-breaking, Market Shaping Indicators (MSI). This work revolutionises the way sector experts access and share data, driving forward solutions in the affordable housing space.

Climate and tech innovation 

We are greening the affordable homes movement to deliver for people, for profit and the planet. We invest, incubate and pilot climate-smart, material and tech innovations to make this possible. This allows us to simplify and green supply chains, develop climate resilient and carbon mitigating housing. This secures affordability for people living on low incomes and promotes commercial viability for businesses and emerging markets.

Market interventions
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Patrick Domingos-Tembwa
Commercial Build and Transitions Director

Patrick Domingos-Tembwa