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Financial instrument to unlock $400M in green homes


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Three Decades of Innovative Affordable Housing

Explore our global portfolio, spotlighting innovative projects in Green, Gender, and Finance, each a testament to our commitment to reshaping communities and lives.


Open Access will open doors

How the AHIA is spearheading an Open Access Initiative to address the need for quality data in the African affordable housing market.

partners in a data revolution


New partners join Reall to drive data revolution

Reall is delighted to welcome two new partners, Janaagraha and CAHF (Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa), who will help us drive a data revolution in green affordable housing in Africa and Asia. For the first time Reall will have official partners whose focus is on strengthening our collective ambitions to gather data to influence governments and the private sector.

Example of EDGE Advanced certified housing unit in Abuja Nigeria


Cutting EDGE: From rapid urbanisation to advanced green homes

With rapid urbanisation unfolding in Nigeria, The Millard Fuller Foundation have unlocked a sustainable solution, and have received EDGE Advanced certification for 184 green homes in Abuja.


Cutting EDGE: The first green-certified affordable housing in Pakistan

For World Cities Day 2022, we’re spotlighting two of our green affordable housing projects in Pakistan – the only projects in the country currently certified by the internationally recognised green building standard, EDGE.


Green affordable housing instrument gets stamp of approval

Reall’s Green Affordable Housing Finance instrument received endorsement last week from the prestigious Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (The Lab) in New York.


Climate and affordability: building green doesn’t mean a hefty price-tag

Reall is championing construction that is both commercially and environmentally viable – that is climate-smart and affordable. We can’t afford not to be green – for the houses and inhabitants themselves, for the cities and communities to be sustainable, and for the investment to have long term impact.


World Water Week 2022: Seeing the unseen, the value of water

For World Water Week 2022, read about how Reall are implementing the innovative wastewater treatment system – ECOSTP – across our affordable housing projects.


London Climate Action Week – the heat is on

While we’re still taking stock of the unprecedented temperatures of the last few weeks, Reall staff recently attended London Climate Action Week (LCAW), the fourth and largest since the event was launched in 2019. Read our top five takeaways.

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