Our Mission

Our Mission

We are building a home for human potential that doesn’t cost the earth.

Reall is an innovator and investor in climate-smart affordable homes in urban Africa and Asia. Green homes are a doorway to answering 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals transforming the lives of people on low incomes and responding to Covid-19 by driving inclusive clean green growth, job creation, gender equality, urban resilience, and pathways to net zero.

Humanity’s greatest challenges

The escalating global housing crisis is one of humanity’s greatest challenges. At least 1.2 billion people worldwide live in substandard housing, often lacking access to clean water or a decent toilet. Urban populations in Africa and Asia are increasing exponentially and that figure is set to reach three billion by 2030. New solutions are urgently needed.

However, the global demand for affordable housing is one of humanity’s greatest opportunities. Clean, green affordable housing can unlock an uncrowded $17 trillion market opportunity, accelerate a transition to net zero, catalyse health and education multipliers, and create jobs and prosperity in response to Covid-19. For every home we build, we create five new jobs while shaping the greener communities of tomorrow.

Our Mission

Humanity’s greatest opportunities

When people can acquire their own home, it unleashes unimaginable human potential. Reall and our partners are demonstrating commercially viable models for climate-smart affordable housing, including pioneering the $10K house. Reall also delivers affordable and inclusive rental solutions for urbanising cities in Africa and Asia.

We amplify impact by tackling critical market blockages. Through in-country partnerships, open source data, disruptive technologies and strategic influencing, we broker changes in policy, regulation and finance to transform markets at scale. These span the entire value chain, from influencing local planning policies and driving down construction costs, to leveraging green investment and enabling people on low incomes to access affordable mortgages for the first time.

Climate-smart, affordable homes offer a doorway to green growth

Building a home for human potential is not just the right to do it is the smart thing to do. In a world of worsening climate impacts and urban hazards, further growth of an unsustainable housing sector poses a material risk to the world. Climate-smart, affordable homes offer a doorway to green growth, driving down emissions and building resilience in the most climate-vulnerable communities.

In light of Covid-19, the link between housing and healthcare has never been more apparent. Affordable housing is vital personal protective equipment for people living on low incomes. Affordable homes with running water, clean energy and adequate space are a frontline defence against the health and economic shocks of pandemics.

Our Mission

We are pioneers and thought leaders

Reall has been a pioneer and thought leader in global affordable housing for more than 30 years. We’ve improved the lives of three million people, created over 200,000 jobs, brought clean water to half a million people, and sustainable sanitation to over a million. We are now scaling up to transform markets and improve the lives of 100 million people on low incomes by 2030.

Join us as we drive sustainable urbanisation, accelerate a just transition to net zero and build a home for human potential that doesn’t cost the earth.

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Ian Shapiro
Chief Executive

Ian Shapiro