The opportunity

The opportunity

In the time it takes to read this sentence, 13 people will be added to the world’s urban population. For every minute that follows, 155 more children, women and men will follow in their footsteps. Little, if any, shelter awaits them.

Rapid urbanisation is a defining characteristic of our time. By 2050 more than two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities and most of the future urban growth concentrated in Africa and Asia.

Urban Explosion

Rapid and unplanned urbanisation presents challenging human and environmental consequences. In many parts of Africa and Asia urbanisation has become synonymous with informal settlements, with an estimated 40% of the world’s urban explosion happening in slums.

Humanity’s Greatest Opportunities

The affordable housing crisis is one of humanity’s greatest challenges, but Reall also approaches solutions to the housing crisis as one of our greatest opportunities. Enabling families to access green, safe affordable housing offers more than simply shelter. It creates an intergenerational economic and social asset that has the potential to break the poverty cycle for good.

Affordable and climate smart housing also brings a wealth of wider benefits, for example, every house built creates five new jobs unlocking an untapped $17 trillion global market.

The opportunity

Wealth of Benefits

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, affordable housing has received heightened attention from policymakers, urban planners, investors and academics. Despite the urgent need, the problem of delivering affordable housing at scale is far from solved.

The challenge ahead is vast, but so too is the opportunity. Reall is spearheading an affordable housing movement which accelerates disruption, supports policy change and political will and spearheads financial innovation to narrow the 1.2 billion housing deficit.

Affordable housing that doesn’t cost the earth

In demonstrating the need and opportunity to invest, Reall works with key players at global and national level to transform affordable, inclusive and climate smart housing markets for people on low incomes in Africa and Asia.

In a rapidly changing environment, Reall innovates in areas where it sees progress and opportunity. Working with our partners we drive disruptive technologies, climate innovations and invest in proof of concept build projects to evidence the commercial viability of climate smart affordable homes.

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Patrick Domingos-Tembwa
Commercial Build and Transitions Director

Patrick Domingos-Tembwa