Impact areas

Impact Areas

We have proven that climate-smart affordable homes can drive macroeconomic growth, stimulate the financial sector, mitigate climate change and enable billions of people to escape the poverty cycle.

For families living on low incomes, home ownership is a significant asset, a force for stability and a proven fundamental component in alleviating poverty.

Secure tenure or rental ensures legitimate ownership and rights that can be harnessed to find work, engage in self-employment, and improve education levels. Secure housing contributes to wellbeing – physical and mental – creating a sense of safety, control and freedom, which in turn ensures better labour market participation. Safe and secure homes improve self-esteem, and help to make long-term planning possible.

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It’s not just a home a “ it’s a job-creating, GDP-boosting, health-improving, climate change-fighting engine of human potential.”

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People with improved sanitation
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Naa Ayeleysa Quaynor-Mettle
Climate and Green Buildings Lead

Naa Ayeleysa Quaynor-Mettle