Evidence and Knowledge

Evidence and Knowledge

Reall is a knowledge leader on climate-smart and affordable homes.

We collect, analyse and publish open data that demonstrates the commercial and environmental viability of affordable housing and the positive impact that it has on people’s lives. We know that affordable housing is a doorway to answering 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

As an evidence-led organisation, Reall identifies key data gaps within the housing value chain and fills those through targeted research. Lack of available market intelligence is a key constraint that undermines confidence and investment in affordable housing.

Reall identifies key data gaps

Showcasing Reall’s investible proposition through impactful data, we address the key market blockages that must be solved to take affordable, climate-smart housing to scale. Our evidence base de-risks investments and incentivises investors to enter the market and deliver the scale needed to improve the life chances of 100 million people by 2030.

Through use of knowledge, analysis and evidence we demonstrate how affordable homes can be low carbon, sustainably constructed and energy efficient without affecting overall quality and price – and how these homes provide resilience against extreme weather events.

Knowledge, analysis and evidence

Reall’s market leading Data Dashboard shares its experience, learning and successes of how affordable housing supports inclusion, livelihoods and gender parity. We strive not only to build houses but to create sustainable communities, improving the lives of those most at risk from increasing urbanisation and climate change.

By driving evidence collection around technologies and inclusive finance, Reall is building a movement to push the market towards more affordable and climate-smart homes. Sustained urbanisation exists alongside the rapid development of technology sectors in both Africa and Asia.

A rapidly growing field of disruptive technologies is now emerging, that harness digital innovation to tackle market barriers. By facilitating and evidencing their application, Reall demonstrates how disruptive technologies can empower and build access to finance and housing for people living on a low income.


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Ben Atkinson
Research, Evidence & Learning Manager

Ben Atkinson