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Reall wins prestigious global climate award programme


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Cutting EDGE: The first green-certified affordable housing in Pakistan

For World Cities Day 2022, we’re spotlighting two of our green affordable housing projects in Pakistan – the only projects in the country currently certified by the internationally recognised green building standard, EDGE.


Green affordable housing instrument gets stamp of approval

Reall’s Green Affordable Housing Finance instrument received endorsement last week from the prestigious Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (The Lab) in New York.


Climate and affordability: building green doesn’t mean a hefty price-tag

Reall is championing construction that is both commercially and environmentally viable – that is climate-smart and affordable. We can’t afford not to be green – for the houses and inhabitants themselves, for the cities and communities to be sustainable, and for the investment to have long term impact.


World Water Week 2022: Seeing the unseen, the value of water

For World Water Week 2022, read about how Reall are implementing the innovative wastewater treatment system – ECOSTP – across our affordable housing projects.


London Climate Action Week – the heat is on

While we’re still taking stock of the unprecedented temperatures of the last few weeks, Reall staff recently attended London Climate Action Week (LCAW), the fourth and largest since the event was launched in 2019. Read our top five takeaways.


SDG11 – the challenge to build affordable, safe and accessible green housing is not going away

In New York this week, 44 countries are carrying out Voluntary National Reviews (VNR) on their implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And while the UK is not on the list this year, the Bond SDG Group felt that now was a timely moment to update their report on how the UK measures up since the UK’s VNR in 2019.


Understanding the Urban Bottom 40%

Data is the cornerstone of a green affordable housing movement. Reall launch insights gained from gathering household data from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Uganda to shed light on living conditions from the bottom 40% of the income pyramid.


Reall and New Story: Alliance in Climate-Smart Affordable Housing

This collaboration marks Reall and New Story’s efforts to build together a green affordable housing movement for families living on low-incomes. The new relationship is a crucial step towards driving forward collaborative innovation and developing scalable pathways to homeownership.


Cutting EDGE: The first climate certified affordable housing in Northern Ghana

Reall is delighted to announce that our affordable housing project in Tamale, Ghana, has achieved the globally recognised EDGE Certification – the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) green building standard.

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