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Green affordable housing instrument gets stamp of approval


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Reall Showcase Business Case for Green Affordable Housing

Hear from Tom Woodward, Reall’s Climate Lead, at the Business Case for Green and Affordable Housing webinar, hosted by International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, on Wednesday 22 September 2021.         The …


Join Reall at the Africa Property Investment Summit

Thought leading sessions from Reall at the 2021 API Summit Reall are innovators and investors in climate-smart affordable housing, demonstrating commercially viable housing that aims to improve the life chances of 100 million people across urban Africa and Asia. Hear …


Reall’s affordable housing delivers life-changing water and sanitation

For Stockholm International Water Institute’s (SIWI) World Water Week 2021, Reall highlights how our affordable housing with indoor bathrooms and clean water has the power to transform the lives of millions – restoring dignity, boosting health and wellbeing, and driving …


Spotlight On: ModulusTech

Reall’s partner, and award-winning social enterprise, ModulusTech, pilot revolutionary flat-pack modular housing model in Pakistan’s most populated city, Karachi. The project, funded by Reall, pioneers 10 of the first ever net-zero prefabricated homes in Pakistan that are affordable for the …



What lessons can the affordable housing sector learn from Covid-19?

Reall is pleased to publish a second research article, authored by Dr Andrew Jones, in the highly respected journal Housing Finance International (HFI) – the quarterly journal of the World Bank-affiliated International Union for Housing Finance. The article is a …


Reall partner reaches milestone affordable home grand total

This week, at the Abuja International Housing Show, Reall is proud to announce that its partner, The Millard Fuller Foundation has hit the construction landmark of one thousand affordable homes. Since partnering with Reall in 2014, the Millard Fuller Foundation …


Reall and FSD Kenya: new alliance to help people into affordable homes

Reall, innovators and investors in affordable housing are proud to sign a new commitment with FSD Kenya, who support the development of inclusive financial markets in Kenya. Reall has worked closely with FSD Kenya for over a year, and the formalising …


Affordable housing essential to tackle climate crisis

The projections are sobering. It is estimated that more than 6.7 billion people will live in urban areas by 2050, up on the current urban population of 4.2 billion. This will cause a host of issues – both in terms of carbon …

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