Reall’s affordable housing finance showcased at key African Conference

Reall’s affordable housing finance showcased at key African Conference

With over 30 years of expertise in global affordable housing markets, Reall share hands-on experience and insights across key African markets, at the African Union for Housing Finance (AUHF) Conference.

Reall, along with our partners, are pioneering new solutions to unlock finance and credit assessment alternatives that are accessible to low income earners. Greater financial inclusion for housing will ensure access to homeownership and secure families a transgenerational asset in their own name.

We invite inspirational leaders from our partner network and throughout the housing sector to discuss the successes, challenges and innovative approaches to crossing new frontiers for affordable housing in Africa.


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Unmissable sessions from Reall and our partners

Reall are showcasing case studies of our partners who are transforming markets through innovation and investment in affordable housing and end-user finance, exclusively targeting people in the bottom 40% of the income pyramid – where the need is greatest and the housing deficit is most acute.

All sessions on Wednesday 3rd November | All times in Central Africa Time (CAT)


Keynote address from Patrick Domingos-Tembwa, Director of Africa and Asia Partnerships, Reall

2. NEW THRESHOLDS: How low can you go? What it takes to build the $10,000 house | 11:30AM

Panel discussion featuring Reall partner, Winnie Gitau, Co-founder of Kwangu Kwako Limited, in Kenya

3. NEW MARKETS: Effective demand? Understanding Earners of Informal Incomes | 12:15PM

Reall Panel led by Louisa Waddingham, Head of Operations Africa, Reall

Speakers: Sumedha Naik, CEO of Syntellect, India | Prosper Akoto, Absa Bank GhanaJames Maclean, Fusion Capital Limited, Kenya

4. NEW INVESTMENTS: Investment in Kenya with The Open Access Initiative | 14:45PM

Panel discussion led by Kecia Rust, AUHF Secretariat & Executive Director, Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF)

Speakers: Ben Atkinson, Research, Evidence and Learning Manager, Reall | Anne-Marie Chidzero, FSD AfricaKioi Wambaa, IHS- KenyaIllana Melzer, 71point4

5. NEW PRIORITIES: Mainstreaming Climate Resilience and Green in Support of Affordable Housing | 16:15PM

Panel session featuring Reall partner, Etta Madete, BuildX Studio


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