Reall finalist for Transformational Climate Change Solutions

Reall finalist for Transformational Climate Change Solutions

Reall are proud to announce our climate-smart initiatives were named the Financial Times and International Finance Corporation (IFC) Transformational Business Award finalist in the Transformational Climate Change Solutions category.

Ian Shapiro, Reall’s CEO said; Reall are honoured to be named finalist for our transformative, climate-smart affordable housing.

Our $10K home is the solution to rapid urbanisation, the global climate crisis and unlocks the potential of millions living on low-incomes in Africa & Asia.”

Receiving sector wide recognition supports Reall’s financially viable, climate-smart housing model as the answer to greening the built environment, whilst achieving 16 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and building resilience for people, for profit and for the planet.

This acknowledgement highlights the need for global policy makers and key stakeholders to leverage a $17trillion affordable housing market opportunity, ahead of the pivotal Climate Change Conference COP26.

How are Reall building affordable and climate-smart?

  • Low carbon construction – Reall are piloting cutting-edge technology and materials, greening supply chains and mitigating carbon footprints without compromising on affordability
  • Housing Finance – Reall collaborate with banks and development financiers to unlock affordable and green housing finance. From 2014-2020, Reall have unlocked affordable mortgages for 41K people
  • Influencing Policy – Working with governments to encourage action for affordable and green construction
  • Data collection – Collaborating with think tanks, and research specialists to close the data gap on housing ecosystems to enable green market solutions

Green achievements in numbers

  • From 2020-2021, Reall has invested over £10M into constructing green-certified climate-smart homes
  • Current construction of 6,000 green homes will provide 30,000 people with a transformative asset capable of catalysing gender parity, improved health, and business and education opportunities
  • Each home has the potential to prevent up to 60 tonnes of CO2 through low-carbon construction and energy-efficient design

Global recognition of Reall’s model is a step towards the continued development of green, commercially viable housing solutions. Working with our innovative partners, Reall are focused on demonstrating proof-of-concept, as we build a home for human potential that doesn’t cost the earth.

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