Reall in The Economist: Tackling Africa’s Housing Boom

Reall in The Economist: Tackling Africa’s Housing Boom

In recent years, the housing crisis in Africa has gained increasing attention as populations surge and urbanisation accelerates. The Economist recently delved into this pressing issue, offering illuminating insights from various experts.

Among them are voices from Kecia Rust of CAHF, Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa, Syntellect’s RightProfile, Seeta Shah of FSD Kenya, Simon Walley of The World Bank, and Ian Shapiro from Reall.

Africa’s housing demand presents a significant opportunity for growth and development. With an estimated 70% of buildings expected by 2040 yet to be built, there is immense potential for economic advancement, job creation, and sustainable building practices. Ian Shapiro, Chief Executive at Reall highlights the positive impact this could have on addressing slum conditions and fostering climate-friendly construction. Africa stands poised to become a global construction hub, offering exciting prospects for investment and progress. 

Africa’s housing challenge is multifaceted, stemming from rapid urbanization, population growth, and insufficient infrastructure development. The article underscores the need for innovative solutions and collaborative efforts from both public and private sectors.

A notable initiative highlighted is our partner Syntellect’s RightProfile, leveraging technology and data analytics to streamline processes and improve access to affordable housing solutions.

CAHF | Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa advocates for policy reforms and investment in affordable housing projects, emphasizing the importance of addressing regulatory barriers.

Experts like Seeta Shah and Simon Walley stress financial inclusion and access to mortgage financing. FSD Kenya‘s initiatives focus on expanding financial services to underserved populations. The World Bank‘s involvement highlights global recognition of Africa’s housing crisis, urging collaborative efforts for viable solutions.

The Economist‘s exploration sheds light on challenges and opportunities. Through innovative approaches, partnerships, and inclusive policies, Africa can ensure adequate and affordable housing for all citizens.

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