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Inhamizua Phase 2

  • Status: Construction
  • Country: Mozambique
  • City: Beira
  • Partner: Casa Real
  • Year Approved: 2020
Total Invested
MZN 43,777,872
Average Sales Price
MZN 620,000
Total Invested
Average Sales Price
Delivery of Homes
Total Financed
Cross Subsidy
Project Overview

Based in Inhamizua on the outskirts of the city of Beira, the project will see the construction of 50 houses. 29 of these will be directly funded by Reall, and the remaining 21 constructed using revolved funds.  The houses are three-room units that offer the possibility of extension and are fully equipped with water, sanitation, and energy. As in phase 1, the project will continue to showcase homes that are disaster resilient. Featuring raised floor levels to prevent flooding and a structure that can withstand the risks posed by cyclones, this will demonstrate that it is possible to build resilient housing that is affordable.

This project aims to consolidate the initial investment, increasing the scale of delivery by Casa Real and mortgage approval through a continued agreement with ABSA bank. The affordable units will initially operate on a rent to own model, charging rent of $70 USD month for 3 to 5 years and giving the new homeowners time to acquire a credit rating to access housing finance. For each year of rental, they will get a reduction in the sales price, increasing the affordability of their home.

Homes Completed
36 Sales
Homes Occupied
Connected to Water and Sanitation
Nearest Employment Area
Nearest Health Centre
Nearest Primary School
Nearest Bus Stop
Nearest Market
Nearest Secondary School
Housing Information
Description Type Number Expected Number Completed Unit Size (m2) Sales Price
(Local Currency)
Casa Basica - t0 - house 26m2 - with slab to increment house to t2 - plot size 100m2 Basic 56 54 26 620000
Casa Maior - t1+ - house 55m2 - with slab to increment house to t3 - plot size 150m2 Cross Sub 24 14 55 -
Casa Basica - t1 - house 55m2 - plot size 100m2 Basic - 2 55 932000
T3 Suite Cross Sub - 1 - -
Plot 52 sold to a self build customer Plot - 1 - -

Project Finances

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Investments — Reall to Affordable Housing Partners

Total Project Investments
MZN 43,777,872
$ 692,689
MZN 43,777,872
$ 692,689

Based on exchange rate on 31/10/2021

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Data last updated on 30/06/2022