Join us at the World Urban Forum in Katowice, Poland from 26th June to build a home for human potential that doesn’t cost the earth.

Our Sessions

Data and Affordability – Unlocking Affordable Housing Markets Through A Data Revolution

Event Date And Time

Monday 27 June, 16:00 – 17:30

Location: Multifunction Hall: Room 5, NE 25

Network Event Number: 8744974758655230

Hosts: Sida, Reall, and the World Bank


Ben Atkinson, Research Evidence and Learning Manager, Reall

Ellen Hamilton, Lead Urban Specialist, The World Bank

Jeet Mistry, Programme Specialist in Sustainable Urban Development, Sida

Sumedha Naik, CEO, Syntellect 

Sam Odia, CEO, Millard Fuller Foundation

John Michael LaSalle, Analyst, Climate Policy Initiative/Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance


Session Summary

A severe lack of data is inhibiting the growth of affordable housing markets that will deliver for people, profit and planet. In a world where at least 1.2 billion people live in substandard housing, there is a strong need for an improved supply of market intelligence to amplify the case for affordable housing, promote change and crowd in new actors and investors.

Moderated by the World Bank who will bring a global view on the role of data, this session will explore the impact of the data challenge for quality public and private sector decision making and investment and demonstrate how trail-blazing organisations are bridging this gap through innovative approaches and pioneering tech solutions.

Climate-Smart Affordable Housing: A Route to Green Infrastructure in Cities

Event Date And Time

Wednesday 29 June, 16:30 – 18:00

Location: Multifunction Hall: Room 6, NE 146

Network Event Number: 7822279992546067

Hosts: Reall


Ian Shapiro, CEO, Reall

Sharon Gil, Programme Management Officer Lead Circular Economy in Cities, UNEP/Global ABC

Michelle M. Farrell, Senior Operations Officer IFC/Edge

Miran Saifi, Business Development Manager ModulusTech

Etta Madete, Architect & Affordable Housing Lead, BuildX Studio

Joanne Ng, Market Systems Portfolio & Partnerships Senior Manager New Story

Ruben Werchan, Senior Policy Officer for Sustainable Urban Development, Division Urban development, mobility, circular economy, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)


Session Summary

70% of buildings that will exist in Africa and Asia by 2050 are yet to be built, a critical opportunity exists to ensure that solutions to the housing crisis support – and do not undermine – the Paris Agreement and global sustainability goals. Reall are bringing together sector experts to explore and provide evidence that green affordable housing does not have to be expensive or complex.

We will highlight how cities can support the delivery of this infrastructure, without requiring a trade-off between shelter, resilience, and climate needs. We will address how partnerships, linking global investment to local action, has achieved tangible progress from which lessons can be drawn and feed into scale up initiatives.

Other sessions at WUF11


Cities Investment Fair and Project Showcase

Event Date And Time
Tuesday 28 June | 14:00 – 18:00


Roundtable – Participatory Grantmaking: Democratizing Philanthropy for Sustainable Urban Development

Event Date And Time
Wednesday 29 June | 16:00 – 18:00


Sustainable Construction in Cities – Turning the world’s Building Sector

Event Date And Time
Wednesday 29 June | 12:30 – 14:00


Meet Reall’s affordable housing experts travelling to the Forum.


Ian Shapiro

Chief Executive


Lucy Livesley

Director of Policy and External Affairs


Patrick Domingos Tembwa

Director of Africa and Asia Partnerships


Laura Howlett

Head of Operations, Asia


Ben Atkinson

Research, Evidence and Learning Manager


Ged Naughton

Communications Manager

Reall are building a home for human potential that doesn’t cost the earth

Achieving the SDGs through affordable housing in Africa and Asia

With only ten years to go to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are off track – a situation that has been compounded by the Covid-19

Affordable housing: A route to climate mitigation and resilience

Green affordable housing is a vital opportunity to deliver climate mitigation and resilience through commercially viable, scalable solutions.

Reall Climate resilience & mitigation

A climate-smart, affordable house is one of the most fundamental investment solutions available to build the resilience of low-income households that are vulnerable to the effects of climate change.


An innovator in low carbon construction materials providing very low cost homes that can be constructed in just days – saving 90% of carbon dioxide emissions per house.


Africa’s first B Corp Certified Design-Build company who are developing a circular housing economy, where waste and emissions are minimised whilst recycling and reuse are maximised.

Smart Havens Africa

A social enterprise pioneering green building materials, driving down CO2 emissions through interlocking compressed earth bricks.



BillionBricks have a unique and innovative approach to delivering affordable, low-carbon, resilient housing at scale – combining houses and clean energy in a single systemic solution.

Lack of data is a fundamental market blockage to the scale up and investment in climate-smart affordable housing. Our cutting-edge disruptive data sheds light on the success and challenges that critical housing markets face today, ensuring quality, timely and accessible datasets for all.

Explore our cutting-edge Data Dashboard, and Market Shaping Indicators and download affordable housing insights now.

People with improved water
People with improved sanitation
Total People Housed

Explore the Data Dashboard

In collaboration with CIF and UN-Habitat

In partnership with UN-Habitat Cities Investment Facility (CIF), Reall will exclusively feature on the CIF Stand at WUF11. Want to join the conversation about building a green affordable homes movement that doesn’t cost the earth? Come and chat to us.  

Reall and CIF are collaborating to unlock investment in green affordable housing, drawing on 30 years of experience Reall has with partners in emerging markets and a growing pipeline of project investment opportunities between each organisation. 

We believe that working together gives us the opportunity to increase our impact and crowd in strategic players who can disrupt the housing market for people living on low incomes.



Hear from Reall

Affordable, climate-smart housing can unlock an uncrowded $17 trillion market opportunity, accelerate a just transition to netzero, and drive inclusive green growth in emerging markets.