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Build Build Build is the Medicine for Emerging Markets

Today there is an affordable housing gap of 120 million in urban Africa and South Asia. Currently there are 1.2 billion people living without a decent, safe home. This represents a £14 trillion, untapped, uncrowded demand for homes that UK …


Housing is Healthcare – Reall’s Dr Andrew Jones published on Urbanet

Read the article in full on Urbanet’s website. The Housing as Healthcare: COVID-19, Affordable Housing and Urban Resilience in Asia article has been published by Urbanet – a leading digital blog for sustainable urban development. Urbanet work with experts and …


On World Environment Day Reall partners with Green pioneers – Smart Havens and BuildX

Reall’s mission is to catalyse an affordable housing movement to address the housing needs of the 1.2 billion people currently without adequate shelter. Tom Woodward, Reall’s Sustainability Lead says: Working with local partners like Smart Havens and BuildX, we’re pioneering …


Resuscitating flatlining emerging economies – and ours

This article originally appeared in the Independent, view here. The great lockdown is predicted to prompt a global economic downturn on a scale we have not seen since the Great Depression. This pandemic does not respect race, gender or borders, …


Spotlight on Families: Kunjani’s story

Kunjani Pyasi and her family were facing a life of intergenerational poverty in Nepal, one of the poorest countries in Asia. Her father abandoned her when she was four, leaving her family in poverty. According to the World Economic Forum, …


Watch Reall: Affordable housing is key to resilience

  Watch Georgie Davis, Reall’s Head of Communications & External Affairs,  about how vital affordable housing is to the people who are most vulnerable to global shocks like Covid-19. Why affordable housing is key The World Bank anticipates that 49 …


Poor housing means poor mental health

Devastating mental health issues can result from living in inadequate housing. Quality affordable housing offers a way out. Studies reveal five of the main issues According to the UN World Health Organisation (WHO), living in low quality housing conditions – …


Housing as a Response to Covid-19

A global pandemic response that requires staying at home, washing hands and social distancing simply will not work for over a billion people in low and middle-income countries. At present, only one in five people living in informal settlements in …


Reall’s Response to Covid-19: Recover. Rebuild. Resilience.

Currently 1.2 billion people are without adequate shelter. This places some of the most densely populated, rapidly urbanising parts of the emerging world at great risk from Coronavirus, without the healthcare and infrastructure systems needed. They will be at the …

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