Reall partner reaches milestone affordable home grand total

Reall partner reaches milestone affordable home grand total

This week, at the Abuja International Housing Show, Reall is proud to announce that its partner, The Millard Fuller Foundation has hit the construction landmark of one thousand affordable homes.

Since partnering with Reall in 2014, the Millard Fuller Foundation continues to deliver the opportunity for Nigerian families to secure homeownership, whilst combatting a national urbanisation rate of over 4%.

Key achievements

  • Reall has secured delivery of over 500 housing units at the Grand Luvu site, situated on the outskirts of the city of Abuja, Nigeria – investing a total of over $5 million
  • On this site, Reall and the Millard Fuller Foundation have pioneered the Most Affordable Home in Africaawarded in 2019 and 2020 by the  Centre for Affordable Housing Finance (CAHF), with homes costing just $8,040
  • The homes delivered on this project have been named the ‘Most Affordable Housing Project in Africa’, for 3 consecutive years, awarded by The Abuja International Housing Show
  • The Millard Fuller Foundation have established an integral relationship with The Family Homes Fund – a World Bank backed initiative promoted by the government of Nigeria – who have purchased all units on the Grand Luvu site to deliver them to low-income families
  • The Millard Fuller Foundation’s in-country projects have also generated jobs for over two thousand people

Delivering viable and scalable affordable homes solutions not only contributes to combating the global housing crisis, but also unlocks unimaginable potential – generating jobs, boosting the economy and improving the wellbeing of millions of people living on low incomes in Africa and Asia.

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