Spotlight On: ModulusTech

Spotlight On: ModulusTech

Reall’s partner, and award-winning social enterprise, ModulusTech, pilot revolutionary flat-pack modular housing model in Pakistan’s most populated city, Karachi. The project, funded by Reall, pioneers 10 of the first ever net-zero prefabricated homes in Pakistan that are affordable for the bottom 40% of the income pyramid in Karachi.

ModulusTech’s prefab technology allows for simple, quick construction dependant on only three people, that prevents waste and reduces carbon emissions. The landmark housing model showcases an innovative, climate-smart solution to the high demand for quality, affordable homes across Pakistan, that is scalable and commercially viable.

Breaking ground in Pakistan

ModulusTech’s housing solution champions;

  • Affordability – The project targets low-income, un-banked and informal workers of hard-working families. The sale of homes will be distributed by Trellis Housing Finance Limited, who develop end-user finance solutions for the bottom 40% of the income pyramid
  • Sustainability – Construction with ModulusTech saves 90% carbon emissions  from a resource efficient and eco-friendly design. The remainder is offset with renewable energy sources and tree planting, delivering homes that are net zero
  • Inclusivity – ModulusTech partners with ConnectHear, who promote deaf-inclusion and Spaces, who champion women homeownership. Women and disabled clients will be given priority access to the sale of pilot scheme homes

Green credentials

  • Houses are constructed in days, substantially reducing their carbon footprint compared to traditional construction
  • The homes operate off-grid with their own renewable energy and water purification systems
  • The lifespan of a ModulusTech house is the same as a traditional brick and cement house, lasting more than 50 years
  • Construction of eco-friendly wind catchers provide natural air ventilation throughout the house

Emma Ahmed, the Head of Operations Asia at Reall, said; “With urbanisation growing at unprecedented levels and climate change demonstrating a real threat to our planet – there is no better time to invest in innovative green businesses like ModulusTech driving forward scalable, climate-smart solutions to low-cost affordable housing and at Reall we are proud to partner with this initiative.”

Nabeel Siddiqui, CEO & Co-founder of ModulusTech, said; “With this collaboration Reall and ModulusTech are trailblazing sustainable, climate smart housing for low-income communities. We look forward to driving wider market transformation and a long term partnership with Reall.”

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