Reall and FSD Kenya: new alliance to help people into affordable homes

Reall and FSD Kenya: new alliance to help people into affordable homes

Reall, innovators and investors in affordable housing are proud to sign a new commitment with FSD Kenya, who support the development of inclusive financial markets in Kenya.

Reall has worked closely with FSD Kenya for over a year, and the formalising of this relationship will drive forward our shared goal of unlocking access to affordable housing for African communities.

Patrick Domingos-Tembwa, Reall’s Head of Africa & Asia Partnerships, said; “We are delighted to be partnering with FSD Kenya to explore innovative financial solutions, build up the data and tools that will facilitate better access to end-user finance products for Kenyans”.

Tamara Cook, CEO of FSD Kenya, said; “This collaboration will bring together FSD Kenya’s deep local relationships and leadership in financial inclusion solutions leveraging digital platforms and market insights, with Reall’s experience and innovations in delivering affordable housing. The collaboration seeks to promote access to, and the delivery of, climate-smart, affordable housing in Kenya, supporting a key Big 4 National Agenda.”

Unlocking solutions

Reall will provide a portfolio of developer partnerships to deliver;

  • Fostering housing finance solutions – FSD Kenya and Reall will collaborate to introduce innovative credit-assessment tools into the affordable housing market – leveraging FSD’s experience in developing finance packages to unlock the lending market to the bottom 40% of the income pyramid
  • Delivery of climate-smart, affordable housing – Supported by FSD Kenya, the collaboration will work to disrupt the market with pioneering technologies and green financing options – delivering affordable, low-carbon homes that are environmentally friendly and resilient
  • Open access data – To improve understanding of the Kenyan housing market, FSD Kenya and Reall will leverage partner insights to gather grass-roots data from housing developments – stimulating analysis and knowledge sharing amongst all developers and stakeholders
  • Influencing policy and regulatory frameworks – The partnership will jointly engage with the Kenyan government, at both local and national levels, showcasing findings of innovative project solutions to crowd in support for sustainable, affordable housing
  • Mobilising investment – Drawing on our combined evidence base, the collaboration will showcase affordable housing as an investible proposition and an opportunity to transform the market for informal, low-income earners

The impactful new relationship is a crucial step towards driving forward collaborative innovation across Africa’s housing market – unlocking green solutions that allow hard-working families access to homeownership that doesn’t cost the earth.

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