Reall’s sustainable solutions showcased in Shifted Podcast

Reall’s sustainable solutions showcased in Shifted Podcast

Hear from Tom Woodward, Reall’s Climate Lead, as he discusses Reall’s climate-smart affordable housing in Africa and Asia on Econscia’s Shifted Podcast.

At least 1.2 billion people worldwide live in substandard housing, often lacking basic amenities such as clean water or a decent toilet. With urban populations in Africa and Asia increasing exponentially, that figure is set to reach three billion by 2030. In addition to this, the built environment accounts for near 40% of global carbon emissions. It’s clear that solutions to the housing crisis must be both urgent and sustainable.

Hearing about housing that doesn’t cost the earth

Reall’s Climate Lead, Tom Woodward, features in Econscia’s Shifted Podcast, showcasing how Reall and our partners are demonstrating viable models for climate-smart affordable housing for the bottom 40% of income earners, including pioneering the $10K house.

The Shifted Podcast explores sustainability’s hard problems – and the solutions for tackling them. Meeting with entrepreneurs, researchers, and policymakers, Shifted learns about their work and why it matters.

“If we are to improve the life chances of 100 million people by 2030, we can’t afford to build in a way that doesn’t address the climate crisis. We must decarbonise what is a very high carbon sector, and define what a resilient house actually looks like.”

Tom Woodward, Climate Lead, Reall

The episode outlines the key themes for driving change:

  • Affordable housing as a solution to climate adaptation and resilience
  • Viable models for climate-smart housing
  • Facilitating the shift to net-zero cities
  • Proof of concept from Reall’s partners across Africa and Asia


Listen now: Sustainable Solutions for the Housing Crisis in the Global South, Tom Woodward, Reall (37min)

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