Reall article published in best-selling pan-African magazine New African

Reall article published in best-selling pan-African magazine New African

Reall features in the new edition of the New African Magazine the best-selling pan-African magazine in the world.

Authored by Dr Andrew Jones, Reall’s Research & Policy Manager, and Dr Donovan Storey, Reall’s Head of Global Policy and Influence, the article explores the pressing need to house Africa’s rapidly growing urban population – a vast challenge, with equally vast opportunities.

Impactful solutions

  • Commercially viable investments – Reall and its partners are pioneering commercially viable solutions for climate-smart affordable housing, including the $10K house. This enables sustainable urbanisation and inclusive green growth while unlocking an uncrowded $17 trillion market.
  • Climate-smart housing – Reall’s housing developer partners are implementing cutting-edge innovations in sustainable building materials, renewable energy solutions and green construction technologies – delivering affordable low-carbon homes that are environmentally friendly and resilient.
  • Financial innovation – Reall’s partners are disrupting conventional financial sectors to unlock affordable mortgage finance solutions – enabling people on low incomes to buy homes and radically transform their life chances.

Affordable, climate-smart housing is a unique opportunity to drive inclusive and resilient urban growth, build back better from Covid-19, and improve the lives of millions of Africans.

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