Housing is Healthcare

Housing is Healthcare

It has never been clearer that housing is healthcare. Having a safe, sanitary home to isolate in, running water to wash hands and electricity to store food safely is a luxury many in Africa and Asia do not have. In fact, currently 1.2 billion people globally are without adequate shelter. This places some of the most densely populated, rapidly urbanising parts of the emerging world at great risk, without the healthcare and infrastructure systems needed should the virus take hold.

During this period of social distancing and COVID-19, Reall is as passionate as ever in driving our mission forward whilst caring for our staff, their families, our partners and the communities we serve in Africa and Asia.

To deliver our ambitious mission of building an affordable homes movement to improve the lives of 100 million people on low incomes in Africa and Asia, we recognise the need to adapt how we work in the coming weeks, but not the why and the what of our work.

  • Reall staff in the UK have been effectively working remotely since 13 March to ensure we minimise the spread of the virus. We stopped all international travel before then to reduce the risk for partners and communities
  • We are fortunate that we have the means to work from home to advance our mission with partners, governments agencies, developers, investors and peers
  • We are focusing on productivity and staff wellbeing. We have regular video check ins and flexible hours to accommodate caring responsibilities that staff have outside of their work

We are learning how to pull together through this pandemic. We know what truly matters is home, family and community. We also know how interconnected we are. This virus does not recognise borders or wealth.

As Lajana Manandhar, from our partner Lumanti in Nepal says:

“I am learning and deeply realising now that – home is life. Adequate breathing space is life. Water is life. Soap is life. COVID-19 has at least taught me this. This deep realisation will make me more committed and push me more for the work we have been doing.”

We will continue to work together for a safe home for all, during this crisis and long after the pandemic is over.