Earth Day 2021: Building climate-smart with innovative partners

Earth Day 2021: Building climate-smart with innovative partners

For Earth Day, Reall takes a look at the partners in our global network who are tackling issues of climate change and environmental degradation head-on through their innovative building technologies.

Reducing the carbon load of traditional kiln-fired bricks in Uganda

In Uganda, start-up social enterprise Smart Havens Africa is building homes in the greater Kampala area using interlocking compressed earth bricks. These bricks minimise the use of cement and require no firing. Brick kiln fires are one of the primary sources of pollution and low air quality across Uganda and cement itself is a huge contributor to CO2 emissions.

These bricks cut cement use while delivering climate-smart, affordable homes for families living on low incomes.

Learn more about Smart Havens (PDF 1MB)

Bringing award-winning design solutions to climate smart affordable homes in Kenya

We’re partnering with BuildX Studio in Kenya, Africa s first B Corp Certified Design-Build company who are delivering climate-smart affordable housing.

The BuildX team includes two experts in EDGE “ the green building certification. To further support their climate-smart ambitions, they re driving a new housing design focused on developing a circular housing economy, where waste and emissions are minimised whilst recycling and reuse are maximised.

Learn more about BuildX Studio (PDF 1MB)

Embracing recyclable materials and lifetime carbon reduction agenda in Pakistan

ModulusTech are an award-winning innovator in low-carbon construction materials “ building houses at a very low cost that can be constructed in just days. Their bespoke houses are built around a steel frame with walls made completely of recyclable materials such as fibre cement and wood plastic composites. Glass wool insulation means the houses are energy-efficient and cost-effective.

A ModulusTech house has a carbon footprint that s up to 52 times lower than traditional concrete homes, saving 90% of carbon dioxide emissions per house over its lifetime.

Learn more about ModulusTech (PDF 1MB)

With our partners, Reall pioneers affordable housing that is both commercially viable and climate-smart to demonstrate that it is possible to build without harming humanity s shared home.

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