New partners join Reall to drive data revolution

New partners join Reall to drive data revolution

Reall is delighted to welcome two new partners who will help us drive a data revolution in green affordable housing in Africa and Asia.

Janaagraha and CAHF (Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa) are the first Reall partnerships specifically dedicated to building and strengthening our evidence and brokering agenda throughout Africa and Asia.

Their approval means that for the first time Reall will have official partners whose focus is on strengthening our ambitions to gather data and to use it to influence governments and the private sector.

Janaagraha in India and CAHF across Africa will provide valuable data on housing markets and help us build a long-term strategic approach to implementing the Market Shaping Indicators (MSI) programme widely across Africa and Asia, as well as unlocking new fundraising possibilities.

Dr Donovan Storey, Reall’s Head of Global Policy and Influence said: “Partnering with CAHF and Janaagraha is a major step forward for us in formalising our relationship with these two transformative organisations. These partnerships create significant opportunities for us to strengthen our commitment to being an evidence-led, brokering organisation that works beyond just building affordable houses.

“We clearly need a data revolution to unlock investment for impact. Data is the cornerstone of a green affordable housing movement. It reduces financial risk and allows informed planning decisions. In many cases, data for households on low incomes exists but is invisible.”

CAHF is an independent think tank based in South Africa, working to promote investment in affordable housing and housing finance across Africa.

Reall has had an informal relationship with CAHF for several years. In 2019, this relationship was partially formalised through the initiation of the MSIs, a co-funded and co-owned project aiming to collate and publish market intelligence from across the affordable housing value chain, enabling wider market understanding.


Founded in 2001, Janaagraha is a non-profit trust working to transform quality of life in Indiaâ s cities and towns.

Reall’s engagement with Janaagraha also began through the MSI programme, and they have been responsible for implementing the MSIs in India.