UN International Women’s Day 2021

UN International Women’s Day 2021

As we approach UN International Women’s Day, hear from the women and girls who have benefited from Reall’s commercially viable, gender-smart, affordable homes.

Affordable homes provide safety and security

Data shows that having a secure and affordable home reduces vulnerabilities. Longer term, women particularly gain a real sense of security, building a community where they feel safe and can thrive.

Read Bushra’s story.

Housing is healthcare

Reall’s affordable homes provide electricity, water and sanitation. Access to these basic needs significantly improves the physical health and mental wellbeing of women and girls. They also provide a healthier environment for the care responsibilities which often fall most heavily on females.

Read Mary’s story.

Commercial viability and financial inclusion

By using affordable finance to buy a home, women gain a foothold in the formal economy, building a body of data that proves women are excellent loan re-payors and demonstrating that women on low incomes are a good investment.

Read Sunita’s story.

Economic stability and financial sector deepening

Women are able to use their houses to further increase financial stability “ using it as an asset to build a business. Owning a home also improves a family’s economic security, providing resilience, and empowering them to be able to invest in the future of their children.

Read Adhinaj’s story.

Female empowerment

Women gain status by owning their own homes and liberated from the stigma and discrimination from renting or living in informal settlements.

Read Balkumai’s story.

Reall’s investments into affordable housing provide safe, secure and hygienic homes that overcome barriers to gender empowerment and allow women and girls to thrive.

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