Reall partner ModulusTech Named on Forbes 30 Under 30 in Asia list

Reall partner ModulusTech Named on Forbes 30 Under 30 in Asia list

ModulusTech are introducing affordable zero-carbon homes to the Pakistani market. Their climate-smart, flat-packed technology means that the homes can be constructed in a matter of days by just three people, and produce 50 times less carbon compared to conventional construction. Reall is thrilled that ModulusTech achievements to date, and their potential for huge impact are recognised by such a renowned platform.

Emma Ahmed, Reall’s Head of Operations for Asia, said “This achievement is even more impressive given the context in which ModulusTech are operating. Pakistan has a backlog of over ten million homes, and mortgage finance is available only to the high-income elite. ModulusTechs work is taking great strides towards tackling these challenges head-on. It’s great to be in partnership with such an exciting start-up with ambition for such incredible impact.

Driving Pakistan’s affordable homes movement

In 2020 Reall partnered with ModulusTech to fund the country’s first zero-carbon housing pilot project. The ground-breaking project will build climate-smart affordable homes for people living on low incomes, be predominantly female owned, and demonstrate the huge market opportunity to deliver climate-smart affordable housing in Pakistan.

Nabeel Siddiqui, ModulusTech’s CEO added “It is rare to find investors as supportive and forward-thinking as Reall; encouraging innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship. With our shared vision, the partnership is imperative for creating large-scale impact in the region, as well as addressing climate change.”

Reall’s work in Pakistan

  • Reall have operated in Pakistan since 1992
  • Through Ansaar Management Company (AMC), Reall have financed projects in Faisalabad, Lahore, Multan and Peshawar
  • EPL a Lahore based firm delivering high quality affordable housing are another of Reall’s newer partners

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