Open Access will open doors

Open Access will open doors

Read the full Open Access Initiative and The Affordable Housing Investment Alliance brief here.

Open Access Initiative addresses the need for quality data

The Affordable Housing Investment Alliance (AHIA) is spearheading an Open Access Initiative to address the limited availability of quality data on investment opportunities and risk in affordable housing.

Affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges facing African countries today. It is a complex issue that requires a multi-faceted approach with the involvement of various stakeholders such as developers, investors, and financiers. However, one of the key challenges in addressing this issue is the lack of quality, focused data relating to affordable housing. Investors, developers, and other stakeholders often find it difficult to access accurate data on affordable housing, which hampers their ability to make informed investment decisions.

The joint venture between Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF), FSDAfrica Investments, FSDKenya, International Housing Solutions (IHS) and Reall aims to create a central repository of information about all investments made in affordable housing throughout Africa. This will help developers, financiers and investors to share data, leading to greater collaboration and market development.

By adopting the Open Access (OA) approach, we’re not only building homes, but strengthening the affordable housing market, so more families and communities can access the safe, reliable housing that they deserve. More knowledge = less risk!

The pilot OA Initiative will start in Kenya, led by the IHS Kenyan Green Housing Initiative, before scaling up to Nigeria and eventually reaching all of Africa’s housing markets.

The OA initiative aims to build a more competitive environment in which market players see opportunities to invest while raising the bar on quality and long-term sustainability. This initiative is a game-changer for affordable housing in Africa.

Join us in supporting the Open Access Initiative to address the need for quality data and change the system for low-income families today.