NEW POLICY PAPER: How Reall are building sustainable affordable housing communities

NEW POLICY PAPER: How Reall are building sustainable affordable housing communities

Our new policy paper showcases how lasting impact is about more than just building homes – we must develop inclusive housing communities that are truly sustainable.

Watch Dr Andrew Jones, Research and Policy Manager at Reall and a sector expert, introduce our publication on Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities in urban Africa and Asia.

Our new policy paper showcases our learnings and shares key recommendations for policymakers and practitioners on building communities that can sustainably thrive.

Key findings on building sustainable communities

  • Urban Planning: Impactful urban planning means that communities develop effectively, widening access to services and future proofing against the negative impacts of urbanisation, whilst capitalising on the opportunity it presents
  • Climate-Smart Housing: Alternative building technologies can lower the carbon footprint of affordable homes, while improving thermal comfort and energy efficiency
  • Resilience: Climate-smart homes are more resilient to extreme weather events and disease pandemics. Affordable housing communities also contribute to the resilience of wider regions – transforming disconnected neighbourhoods into thriving cities
  • Jobs: Connecting communities to major employment centres and opportunities to allow them to sustainably thrive
  • Access to Services: Delivering affordable housing in tandem with clean water and sanitation, electricity and transportation networks is crucial for establishing sustainable settlements
  • Financial Inclusion: The availability of housing finance options impacts on the financial sustainability of housing communities. Reall brokers to unlock appropriate end-user finance that allows people on low incomes to access homes
  • Community Engagement and Structures:  Open dialogue with target customers is key when planning and developing housing projects and means that residents feel secure and are motivated to maintain their surroundings

Read now: Reall’s Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities paper (PDF, 3 pages, 2MB)

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