Affordable housing breaks down barriers to education

Affordable housing breaks down barriers to education


Education reduces poverty, boosts economic growth, and increases income. It advances gender equality, reduces child marriage, and promotes peace. But around 265 million children and young people around the world don’t have the chance to enter or complete school.

Poor quality housing is a barrier to accessing education

  • Inadequate housing has a negative impact on the cognitive development, mental health, and wellbeing of children
  • Children living in unfit and overcrowded homes miss school more frequently due to illness and infections
  • Children growing up in overcrowded housing have lower math and reading scores, complete fewer years of education, and are less likely to graduate from high school
  • Less than 40% of girls in sub-Saharan Africa complete lower secondary school

How Reall’s affordable housing gives access to education

  • Over 240,000 children from families on low incomes have better life chances and opportunities for educational attainment, through Reall affordable housing initiatives
  • Families report a significant positive impact on perceived health, accomplishments, and educational standards for children as a result of Reall affordable housing
  • Affordable quality homes boost school attendance and lower dropout rates by improving the health of families and providing a safe space for children to do their homework
  • Access to electricity in the home reduces gender inequalities by allowing girls, who have to do more housework than boys, to do their homework in the evening
  • Improved affordable housing with indoor water and sanitation means girls do not have to spend hours collecting water for the family and can dedicate that time to learning
  • Affordable homes can help end period poverty, which robs girls of their dignity and education. It’s estimated that one in 10 girls in Africa miss school during their period from lack of access to toilets and washrooms. Decent housing provides hygienic spaces where girls can manage their period without shame or stigma

Reall’s affordable housing helps children get an education, drives gender equality and helps families break out of the poverty cycle for good.

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