WUF11 Session – Climate-Smart Affordable Housing: A Route to Green Infrastructure in Cities

Climate-Smart Affordable Housing: A Route to Green Infrastructure in Cities

Eleventh World Urban Forum – Transforming our Cities for a Better Urban Future

Join us for our Climate-Smart Affordable Housing session at the World Urban Forum in Katowice, Poland on Wednesday 29th June, to build a home for human potential that doesn’t cost the earth.

70% of buildings that will exist in Africa and Asia by 2050 are yet to be built, a critical opportunity exists to ensure that solutions to the housing crisis support – and do not undermine – the Paris Agreement and global sustainability goals.

Reall are bringing together sector experts to explore and provide evidence that green affordable housing does not have to be expensive or complex. We will highlight how cities can support the delivery of this infrastructure, without requiring a trade-off between shelter, resilience, and climate needs. We will address how partnerships, linking global investment to local action, has achieved tangible progress from which lessons can be drawn and feed into scale up initiatives.






Event Date And Time

Wednesday 29 June | 16:30 - 18:00

Short Description

Hosts: Reall

Theme: Greener Urban Futures

Location: Multifunction Hall Room 6, International Congress Centre (MCK), Plac Sławika i Antalla 1 40-163, Katowice, Poland.

Event Number: NE 146


Ian Shapiro, CEO, Reall

Sharon Gil, Programme Management Officer, Lead Circular Economy in Cities, UNEP/Global ABC

Michelle M. Farrell, Senior Operations Officer, IFC/Edge

Miran Saifi, Business Development Manager, ModulusTech

Etta Madete, Architect & Affordable Housing Lead, BuildX Studio

Joanne Ng, Market Systems Portfolio & Partnerships Senior Manager, New Story

Ruben Werchan, Senior Policy Officer for Sustainable Urban Development, Division Urban development, mobility, circular economy, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)